College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Academic Programs

Aerospace Studies Program (Air Force ROTC)

Africana Studies Major (GIS)

Africana Studies Minor

Arab and Islamic Studies Major (GIS)

Arab and Islamic Studies Minor (GIS)

Arabic Language & Cultural Studies Minor

Art History Major

Art History Minor

Asian Studies Major (GIS)

Asian Studies Minor

Associate of Arts

Astronomy & Astrophysics Major

Astronomy & Astrophysics Minor

Biochemistry Major

Biochemistry Minor

Biology BA

Biology BS

Biology Minor

Business Programs for Non-VSB

Chemistry Major

Chemistry Minor

Chemistry with Biochemistry Concentration Major

Chinese Language and Cultural Studies Minor

Chinese Studies Major (GIS)

Classical Studies Major

Classical Studies Minor

Cognitive Science Concentration

Cognitive Science Minor

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Major

Communication Major

Communication Minor

Comprehensive Science Major

Computer Science Major

Computer Science Minor

Counseling Minor

Creative Writing Minor

Criminology Major

Criminology Minor

Cultural Studies Major (GIS)

Cybersecurity Minor

Disability and Deaf Studies Minor

Economics Major

Economics Minor

Education Major with Teaching Biology Concentration

Education Major with Teaching Chemistry Concentration

Education Major with Teaching English Concentration

Education Major with Teaching French Concentration

Education Major with Teaching Latin Concentration

Education Major with Teaching Mathematics Concentration

Education Major with Teaching Physics Concentration

Education Major with Teaching Social Studies Concentration

Education Major with Teaching Spanish Concentration

Education Minor

Education Policy & Leadership Minor

English Major

English Minor

Environmental Science Major

Environmental Studies Major

Ethics Minor

French & Francophone Studies Major

French and Francophone Studies Minor

Gender and Women's Studies Major (GIS)

Gender and Women's Studies Minor

Geography Major

Geography Minor

Health Humanities and the Medical Arts Minor

History Major

History Minor

Humanities Major

Humanities Minor

Individually Designed Major

Irish Studies Major (GIS)

Irish Studies Minor

Italian Major

Italian Minor

Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Minor

Japanese Studies Major (GIS)

Laboratory Sciences Minor

Latin American Studies Major (GIS)

Latin American Studies Minor

Legal Studies Minor

Liberal Arts Major

Liberal Arts Major (SCI Phoenix)

Mathematics Major

Mathematics Minor

Military Sciences (Army ROTC)

Music Minor

Naval Science Program and Minor (Navy ROTC)

Peace and Justice Major (GIS)

Peace and Justice Minor

Philosophy Major

Philosophy Minor

Physics Major (BS)

Physics Minor

Political Science Major

Political Science Minor

Psychology Major (BA)

Psychology Major (BS)

Psychology Minor

Public Service & Administration Major (BA)

Public Service & Administration Minor

Russian Area Studies Concentration (RASCON)

Russian Area Studies Major (GIS)

Russian Language & Cultural Studies Minor

Sociology Major

Sociology Minor

Spanish Studies Major

Spanish Studies Minor

Statistics Major

Statistics Minor

Studio Art Minor

Sustainability Studies Minor

Teaching Certification

Theatre Minor

Theology and Religious Studies Major

Theology and Religious Studies Minor

Writing and Rhetoric Concentration

Writing and Rhetoric Minor