Statistics Minor

Chair: Timothy Feeman, Ph.D.
Office Location: 305 Saint Augustine Center
Telephone: 610-519-4850


Pursuing a minor in statistics is a way for students who are not statistics majors to demonstrate expertise in statistics. 

MINOR: Statistics (27 credits)

Students who plan to get a minor in statistics should declare their intention as early as possible.  Students may consult statistics minor coordinator Dr. Yimin Zhang ( at any time for information and advice.  If all requirements for the minor are satisfied, then the certificate will be issued about two weeks after graduation. The minor will also appear on the student's transcript.

Program Notes:

  • Courses that fulfill minor requirements may be used to fulfill other requirements (i.e., primary major, core curriculum, minors, concentrations, or free electives).
  • A student who is not a mathematics major may petition to have an upper-division course from their major count as one of the two statistics electives. The course must have substantial statistical content and must not substantially overlap with any of the other courses that the student is counting towards the minor.
  • For mathematics majors, four courses may be counted towards both the mathematics major and the statistics minor: MAT 1500, 1505, 2500 and either STAT 4310 or STAT 5700. No other courses count towards both. Thus, obtaining the statistics minor requires taking four additional courses beyond those required for the mathematics major.
  • For those students who pursue both the mathematics minor and the statistics minor, exactly four courses (no more) may be counted towards both minors simultaneously: MAT 1500, MAT 1505, MAT 2500, and STAT 4310. No other courses count towards both. Thus, obtaining the statistics minor requires taking four additional courses beyond those require for the mathematics minor.
  • For students doing the Applied Quantitative Finance concentration, STAT 4310 can be replaced with an extra elective chosen from MAT 4600 and three-credit STAT courses numbered 3000 and above.
Two Statistics Electives for the Minor  +
Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits:


The above program requirements are applicable to students entering Summer 2024 and beyond. Please consult the appropriate archived catalog available on the homepage for years prior to these requirements. In order that programs offered by Villanova University reflect current advances and additions to knowledge and upgraded professional requirements, Villanova University reserves the right to change programs and requirements without prior notice. Students generally are bound to the requirements in effect and published online for the year in which their class begins its first year of study. Special requirements may be in effect for students who have left the University and are being readmitted. Students are advised to check with the web catalog or with their college offices regarding changes that may affect them. Additional academic information may be obtained from the various college offices and the web sites listed for the particular policies, programs and services found in this catalog. 





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