Writing and Rhetoric Concentration

Program Director: Ellen Bonds, Ph.D.
Office Location: 453 Saint Augustine Center
Telephone: 610-519-4657


As an interdisciplinary program with courses primarily from the Departments of English and Communication, the Program in Writing and Rhetoric offers students opportunities to gain significant knowledge of the rhetorical framework constituting professional, aesthetic and everyday writing. The program will allow students who want to pursue study in writing and communication to do so in a focused and comprehensive way with examination of the theoretical, historical, and philosophical aspects of these disciplines.

CONCENTRATION: Writing & Rhetoric (24 credits)

In keeping with the English Department’s focus on literary texts, the notion of rhetoric informing the Concentration includes textual analysis as well as the more traditional uses of the term, thus bringing the wisdom and imagination of literary discourse into the Concentration. Such a focus on literary texts also underscores the well-known correlation between reading well and writing well. Furthering the Communication Department’s focus on orality and persuasion, the Concentration will allow students to develop rhetorically complex understandings of audiences and master of the skills necessary to adapt the written and oral messages for identified audiences.

Program Notes:

  • Courses that fulfill minor requirements may be used to fulfill other requirements (i.e., primary major, core curriculum, minors, concentrations, or free electives).
  • Also required: A Grammar, Style and Punctuation Exam by the end of their first semester of work towards the minor, students will have studied for and passed a self-administered WebCT exam covering principles of Standard Edited English, a style sheet as that of the Associated Press, and other rules of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
  • Non-Credit bearing internships may fulfill the One Practicum Course requirement if they involve a substantial amount of writing. The internship must be approved by the Director of the Writing and Rhetoric Program.
  • Some study abroad courses may count towards completion of the concentration. Consult with the program director for approval.

Required Concentration Courses:

Writing Practice Elective for the Concentration  +
Upper-Level English Lit  +
Upper-Level English Lit  +
Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits:


The above program requirements are applicable to students entering Summer 2024 and beyond. Please consult the appropriate archived catalog available on the homepage for years prior to these requirements. In order that programs offered by Villanova University reflect current advances and additions to knowledge and upgraded professional requirements, Villanova University reserves the right to change programs and requirements without prior notice. Students generally are bound to the requirements in effect and published online for the year in which their class begins its first year of study. Special requirements may be in effect for students who have left the University and are being readmitted. Students are advised to check with the web catalog or with their college offices regarding changes that may affect them. Additional academic information may be obtained from the various college offices and the web sites listed for the particular policies, programs and services found in this catalog. 





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