Withdrawal from University

Students who wish to leave and who do not plan to return to the University should request a Withdrawal. Official withdrawal from the University must be authorized by the Dean of the appropriate college.  In order to affect an official withdrawal, a student must submit to the Dean a formal letter, or the appropriate college form, and then have an interview with the Dean. The letter of withdrawal may be countersigned by the student's parents or legal guardian. The parents or guardians may, if they wish and if authorized by the student, submit the official letter of withdrawal. Students who request an official withdrawal during the semester may be entitled to a tuition reversal based on the University's policies. A student who has withdrawn from the University who wishes to return, must apply directly to the college the student wishes to attend (admission is granted at the sole discretion of the dean of that college).

Reviewed at Council of Deans 1-26-07 and later approved 1-31-07; Technical edits March 21, 2024