VSB 2008 :
Business Analytics

Use of business analytics and AI-technologies for improving managerial decision making, including data-visualization, data-mining, machine learning, AI, optimization, and simulation for data-driven decision-making. Through AI-enhanced techniques, students learn to uncover insights and recommend business actions based on complex data analysis.


(MAT 1400 or MAT 1500) and (MAT 1235 or MAT 1430 or STAT 1235 or STAT 1430) and VSB 1000 and (ECO 1001 :Y or SBI 2005 :Y) and ECO 1002 :Y and (VSB 1015 or VSB 1005 or VSB 1002) and VSB 2006




Credits 3

Last Offered

Fall 2024, Summer 2024, Spring 2024, Fall 2023