University Policy for Students with Disabilities

Villanova University strives to provide an environment for personal and intellectual growth of all its students, and also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In order to meet these commitments, Villanova offers educational opportunities and reasonable academic accommodations for the needs of qualified students with disabilities. The standards for academic credit should not be modified for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities have fulfilled the same entrance requirements, have the same range of backgrounds and experiences as other students at Villanova, and should be fully capable of meeting Villanova's standards. The University's goal is to provide access and reasonable accommodations in helping the students achieve those expectations.

Students with Physical Disabilities

Services for students with physical disabilities are coordinated through the Office of Disability Services.

If you have any questions about access issues, contact:

Students with Learning Disabilities, Neurologically Based Disorders, and Chronic Illnesses

Services for students with learning disabilities, other neurologically based disorders, and those disabled by chronic illnesses that impact learning are provided by Learning Support Services (LSS). Students who choose to self-identify and ask for academic accommodations must complete a registration process with LSS. Please refer to the LSS policies and procedures regarding Accessing Accommodations.

If you have any questions about academic accommodations, contact or call 610-519-5176

Important Information for Faculty

Students who have not registered with LSS will sometimes approach professors to ask for accommodations. These students should be referred to LSS, so that appropriate accommodations can be worked out in conjunction with LSS. Instructors should not make special accommodations for students who have not registered with LSS.

Please refer to our guidelines on creating a Syllabus Statement and our suggestions for how to Work with Students with Disabilities. Visit the Faculty Section on the LSS webpage or contact the LSS office with any questions or concerns at 610-519-5176.