Transfer Students

Candidates for admission who have attended other colleges and universities should submit applications for transfer to the Office of Undergraduate Admission of Villanova University no later than June 1 for the fall and November 1 for the spring semester (unless otherwise stipulated).

The transfer applicant must submit complete seal-bearing transcripts from all the college/university and secondary schools attended, a list of courses in progress, a catalog describing courses completed at the college-level institution, evidence of honorable withdrawal (Common Application Transfer College Report), essay and any other information the Admission Committee may require. Transfer students are required to choose a major at the time they apply.

Admission criteria vary slightly contingent upon the college or academic program to which a candidate applies. A cumulative grade point average of 3.00/4.00 is recommended for students interested in transferring to Villanova. Admitted transfer students into the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are not eligible to transfer internally to one of the other Villanova academic colleges. If you intend to earn a degree from the Villanova School of Business, the M Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing, or College of Engineering, you must apply directly to that college.

Transfer credit towards undergraduate degrees will, in general, be granted for appropriate academic work completed with a grade "C" (2.00) or better at an accredited institution. Credit may be granted for courses without direct Villanova equivalents when such courses are of clear academic merit. Quality-grade points for work taken elsewhere are not included in the calculation of the student's cumulative average used to determine advancement at Villanova and eligibility for graduation. The final thirty credits (senior year) of a degree program and at least half of all major courses must be taken at Villanova.

Candidates for admission from junior colleges, community colleges or institutes are judged by the same regulations pertaining to applicants from four-year institutions. Credits will be granted, as above, for appropriate courses completed in a two-year program, provided that the institution is regionally accredited or a candidate for such accreditation.

Transfer students from two-year programs should note that graduation after two years of study at Villanova cannot be guaranteed because of the complexities of scheduling and the fulfillment of the requirements of Villanova's program.

Applications for transfer of credit from non-accredited institutions are considered on an individual basis. Credit is granted for those courses that are of clear academic merit and in which the transfer applicant has earned grades. In all cases, the University reserves the right to require a written examination in the course or courses in question before transfer credit will be granted.