Transfer Credits from Another Institution


Once undergraduate students have matriculated/enrolled in a degree program at Villanova University, students who wish to take courses elsewhere must attain preapproval from the Dean of the student’s college or his/her designee who will ensure that the individual college polices/requirements are met.    

  • Students may seek to transfer credits from regionally accredited two-year or four-year institutions.
  • For credits transferred, a “T” grade will appear on the student’s Villanova transcript; there is no impact on a student’s cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).


Special Circumstances:

  1. Education Abroad: Courses taken in colleges or universities in other countries will be transferred for credit, if pre-approved by the Office of Education Abroad and the Dean of the student’s college or his/her designee.
  2. Summer Courses Elsewhere: Villanova does not approve transfer of credit for courses taken during the summer at other colleges or universities if the same or comparable (for fulfilling degree requirements) courses are offered in a distance learning mode during the summer sessions at Villanova.


Students Who Are No Longer Matriculated:

  1. Leave of Absence: Students on a leave of absence may not take classes elsewhere to transfer back to Villanova.
  2. Withdrawal and Dismissal: Villanova does not pre-approve courses to be taken at another university after a student has withdrawn or been dismissed from the University for academic reasons. If the student returns to Villanova, courses taken at other colleges and universities will be evaluated for transfer credit by the Dean of the college to which the student is returning.  Acceptance of such credits is at the sole discretion of the Dean.
  3. Suspension: Villanova will not pre-approve courses or transfer credits back to Villanova, for students who have been suspended for violations of the Student Code of Conduct.


Reviewed at Council of Deans 1-26-07 and later approved 1-31-07

Council of Deans approved revisions 8/5/2020

Technical Revisions approved by BAAD 3/19/2024