Student Health Service

The Villanova University Student Health Center (610-519-4070), is staffed by registered nurses 24 hours daily. The Student Health Center is open with limited hours during semester breaks and over the summer. Physicians and nurse practitioners are available weekdays by appointment.

Gynecologic services are provided by the nurse practitioners by appointment. Registered nurses provide 24-hour care to students who require inpatient treatment and observation, as well as to students who require walk-in care. Other medical services include diagnostic laboratory testing, administration of allergy injections and immunizations. In the event that a student requires emergency care, transportation is provided to a local hospital. Though students are not billed for physician or nurse practitioner visits, they are financially responsible for some medication and all laboratory fees, as well as consultation with specialists.

For information about health insurance requirements for students please see our website: The Health Center is located in the Health Services Building, Third Floor.