Remitting payment to BISK and Refunding Loan Disbursements

Bisk (formerly known as University Alliance) manages the billing of charges for the undergraduate online RN-BSN program. Any billing inquiries should be sent directly to Bisk. Students who receive Federal student aid funds or a private education loan will be able to view their disbursement of financial aid through the MyNova student portal; ALL financial aid disburses directly to Villanova University.

Villanova University will send the financial aid disbursement (federal and private educational loans) directly to the student who is then responsible for submitting payment to Bisk for tuition and/or book charges. In order to expedite the processing of a refund, it is highly recommended that students enroll in direct deposit through our e-Refund process. The e-Refund enrollment form can be found in your MyNova account, in the Student's Tab under Bursar Links.

If a student still has a remaining balance with Bisk after the full financial aid disbursement has been remitted for a semester, then the student will need to seek additional payment arrangements to cover the remaining charges (such as applying for a Direct PLUS loan, a private loan etc.). Students should contact their Student Services Representative at 1-855-300-1473 or via email at

Upon the registration of courses, students will receive an intent to Enroll form from Bisk via email detailing their tuition and/or book charges for that term. Questions about the billing process should be directed to the Student Services Representative at Bisk at 1-855-300- 1473 or via email at Please note that if a student is not utilizing financial aid, all payment arrangements need to be made directly with Bisk.