Reinstatement of Financial Aid

Once financial assistance has been discontinued, it will be reinstated provided:

  • The student has successfully achieved the required number of credits and cumulative grade point average; and,
  • The student has requested reinstatement in writing.
  • Reinstatement is not automatic. The student is responsible for making certain that the grades and credits completed have been properly posted to the academic transcript with the Office of the Registrar prior to requesting reinstatement of financial assistance.

Students are encouraged to file all financial assistance application forms by Villanova University's established deadline so that once reinstatement has been achieved, he or she can be considered for assistance as quickly as possible.

Students Returning After a Year or More

If a student previously left the university after failing to make satisfactory academic progress and returns to the university, the student is required to appeal his/her status. The student must submit an academic plan. If the appeal is granted, the student is placed on financial aid probation for one semester.

The student’s academic status will be reviewed after the semester to determine if the student successfully made satisfactory academic progress.