A former VSB student who withdrew in good standing (over a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and no probationary problems) may be readmitted to VSB upon request. An application for re-admission and all supporting documents must be submitted to VSB by June 15. A readmitted student may be responsible for the degree requirements in place at the time he/she is readmitted.

A student who has been dropped for academic reasons must be away from Villanova University for two semesters (summer sessions count as one) before reapplying. The Academic Standing Committee will review the request for readmission, the former records, and the achievement obtained while away from Villanova in order to make a decision whether to readmit the student.

Villanova does not pre-approve courses to be taken at another university after a student has been dismissed or has withdrawn. If a student applies for readmission, courses taken elsewhere will be evaluated for transfer credit by the Associate Dean. (Generally, no more than two such courses will be approved for transfer.) Acceptance of such credits is at the sole discretion of the Associate Dean.

The Committee will also consider transfer applications from students wishing to be readĀ­mitted to VSB from other Villanova colleges.