Program Requirements

Entrance physical examination, selected diagnostic tests, as well as designated immunizations, are required of all nursing students. Additional or repeated health screening tests are required prior to entry into clinical experiences. Students are required to be certified in Basic Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation prior to enrolling in NUR 2207 or NUR 2208. Continuing re-certification is the responsibility of the student throughout the remainder of the program. As a prerequisite to entry into the nursing program, all students are required to have criminal background checks that comply with the Older Adults Protective Services Act and Child Protective Services Law, as well as urine drug screening, child abuse clearance and FBI fingerprinting.

All nursing students are required to participate in a battery of standardized tests to assess nursing knowledge prior to graduation. The cost is assumed by the students. Permission to take the NCLEX Licensure exam may be delayed based upon a student's academic record and performance on the standardized tests.