Pre-Matriculated College Credit

Pre-Matriculated College Credit


College-level work completed prior to high school graduation, including college courses that fulfill high school graduation requirements, must meet the following criteria to be considered for transfer credit:

  1. The course must be taught by a member of a college or university faculty for college students and enroll college students
  2. If the course is taught on a high school campus, by high school faculty members, and the enrolled students are only high school students, then the course is not eligible for transfer credit

If the above criteria are met, then send to the Dean of the College in which the student is enrolling:

  1. an official letter from the high school principal, secondary school counselor or other educational professional describing the college-level program of study
  2. an official letter from the college/university stating that the courses were taught by members of the regular faculty, open to enrollment by and graded in competition with regularly matriculated undergraduates at the college and a regular part of the normal curriculum published in the college catalog
  3. a course syllabus
  4. an official, seal-bearing transcript from the college/university showing a grade of C or better
  5. With respect to courses taught in a distance learning format, and for other requirements, each academic program will review on a case-by-case basis

If the courses taken by high school students do not meet the above criteria, the student may decide to pursue a Challenge Exam after enrollment at Villanova.

All pre-matriculated credit must be accepted and approved before the completion of two semesters at Villanova. 


February 24, 2014 (Council of Deans); Technical Edits April 12, 2023