Office of Health Promotion

The mission of Health Promotion at Villanova University is to provide health resources and services grounded in evidence. Facilitate opportunities for students to build skills that empower them to make healthy and responsible lifestyle choices. Instill a sense of personal responsibility for individual health decisions and recognize the impact those decisions can have on the Villanova community.

Health Promotion fulfills its mission through its comprehensive campus-wide change efforts related to high-risk behaviors (e.g., alcohol abuse and sexual violence), first year learning community, POWER peer education and academic internship program, the Stall Street Journal and Student Health 101 publications, Web and print resources, one-on-one consultation, and the Thrive 365 initiative. To find out more about the Office of Health Promotion, please visit us on the first floor of the Health Services Building, call us at 610-519-7407 or e-mail us at