Minors and Concentrations

Students should review their University academic record periodically each semester to ensure the minor and/or concentration they are pursuing is accurate. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the accuracy of their record. 

The form required to add or remove a minor or concentration should be submitted as soon as possible to allow for timely processing. Once the minor appears on your student record, the academic advisor of said minor will be added. Students should direct questions related to their minor to their minor academic advisor.

There are certain courses required for minors that are restricted to students with that minor. If the minor does not appear on your record the semester prior to which you wish to take the course, you might not be able to take the course. Early completion of the minor form is imperative. 

Students who wish to add or remove a minor or concentration in the College of Engineering must complete the appropriate form. The form can be found on the Current Engineering Undergraduate Students Intranet site