Leadership Major (BA or BIS)

A major in Leadership will help students develop and cultivate a comprehensive set of practical skills to apply to their professional endeavors. The curriculum is designed to investigate and analyze moral and ethical challenges to leadership. Students will learn about theories of leadership and identify the factors that contribute to one's ability to develop, articulate, and sustain a vision as a leader. Students will develop personal, professional, and intellectual skills to act with integrity when faced with ethical dilemmas. Issues most relevant to today's corporate leaders such as globalization, technological and social change, and workforce diversity, inclusion, and equity will be studied.

Major Requirements (30 Credits)

Required Core Courses (2 Courses, 6 Credits)

Sub-Total Credits

LDR 3400, LDR 5940, and LDR 5950 may substitute for up to twelve (12) credits of Leadership major elective courses each (LDR 2010 - 2080). LDR 3400 and LDR 5940 can be taken up to six (6) credits each. These substitutions are dependent on the course topic and will be made at the discretion of the College advising staff.
LDR 5950 courses can be combined to make fulfill (1) three credit leadership elective course requirement.

BIS Core Curriculum Requirements (39 Credits)

BA Core Curriculum (50 Credits)

Free Electives (42 - 51 Credits)

Degree Requirements Summaries

Leadership Major - Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS)

  • Major Credits - 30 credits
  • BIS Core Curriculum - 39 credits
  • Free Electives - 51 credits
  • TOTAL Required Credits: 120 credits

Leadership Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • Major Credits - 30 credits
  • BA Core Curriculum - 50 credits
  • Free Electives - 42 credits 
  • TOTAL Required Credits: 122 credits
Total Credits:


The above program requirements are applicable to students entering Summer 2024 and beyond. Please consult the appropriate archived catalog available on the homepage for years prior to these requirements. In order that programs offered by Villanova University reflect current advances and additions to knowledge and upgraded professional requirements, Villanova University reserves the right to change programs and requirements without prior notice. Students generally are bound to the requirements in effect and published online for the year in which their class begins its first year of study. Special requirements may be in effect for students who have left the University and are being readmitted. Students are advised to check with the web catalog or with their college offices regarding changes that may affect them. Additional academic information may be obtained from the various college offices and the web sites listed for the particular policies, programs and services found in this catalog. 




B.A. or B.I.S.

Curriculum Guide

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