Leadership, Internship, and Professional Development Opportunities

The College of Professional Studies offers various opportunities for students to earn academic credit while enhancing professional growth through practical experiences and workshops. Through consultation with their advisor, students can choose from the courses below to complement their undergraduate major curriculum.

CPS 1001 College and Professional Success Strategies

This course is designed to lay the groundwork for first-year students’ success at Villanova and thereafter. Students will gain knowledge about Villanova, acclimate to the academic world, and develop a sense of self-awareness. Class meetings will introduce students to pertinent topics and valuable campus resources that will support and contribute to a successful academic career.

CPS 1002 Tech Competency

This course is designed for first-year students within the College of Professional Studies and to
provide a framework for readiness and success to adopt, adapt, and apply technology for success at
Villanova and thereafter. Aligned with CPS 1001, in this course, students gain knowledge about various technology platforms that are essential to your success as a college student.

CPS Internship Practicum

Internships provide concrete opportunities for students to make tangible connections between classroom theory and practical application. Students may earn up to six (6) credit hours for outside-of- the-classroom work while completing corresponding assignments. To be eligible, students must be matriculated, in good academic standing and have earned at least fifteen (15) credits at Villanova. All internships must be approved by the Assistant Dean of Academic Programs and faculty chair of the intern’s sponsoring academic area.

CPS Leadership Symposium

The annual Leadership Symposium is a professional education course designed to bring together managers, team leaders, and change agents for an intensive, engaging, and interactive learning experience. The symposium is offered as either a 3-credit course or a non-credit certificate course.

CPS Professional Development Courses

CPS offers a series of one (1)-credit workshops to fulfill our commitment to providing innovative, academically rigorous, and relevant educational experiences for our students. These timely courses vary each semester as they are responsive to career trends, the evolving workforce, and global events.