Double Major

Students may choose to double major by declaring a secondary major in another discipline within the College of Professional Studies. A student may not declare a secondary major without first declaring their primary major.

Typically, the first major that a student declares will be treated as their primary major unless they choose to double major in a BIS and BA or BS program. In this situation, the BA or BS major will become the student’s primary major, and BIS will be secondary. If a student wishes to keep the BIS major as their primary major, their secondary major must be a BIS as well. Students adhere to the core curriculum for their primary major.

To complete a second major, a student must complete all credits required for that major. With the permission of the Assistant Dean, Academic Programs, students may share a limited number of credits between the primary and secondary major. Credits cannot be shared between the degree core curriculum and the primary major. Declaring a second major may mean that the student will need to complete more credits than the original degree or major requires.

Students who major in General Studies, BIS are not permitted to select a secondary major due to the interdisciplinary nature of this program. Students are welcome to select one or multiple minors.

Multiple majors, regardless of college, will appear on a student’s transcript; however, a student will receive one diploma. Students who have completed all the requirements for two or more degrees – i.e., BA and BIS, BA and BS, or BIS and BS – must choose which degree to take – unless they have completed 43 or more additional credits beyond the greater of the two program credit requirements, in which case they may receive two degrees and two diplomas.

There are some circumstances where students may pursue a secondary major in another college at Villanova. They must adhere to all guidelines of the issuing college to complete the program requirements.

Secondary majors open to all Villanova students:

Edits approved by Dean Palus 3/23