Degree Requirements

Each baccalaureate degree is made up of three distinct categories: Core Curriculum, Major Requirements, and Free Electives.

The Associate degrees are comprised of the Core Curriculum and Free Electives only. The core area follows specific course curricula; however, students have freedom to choose courses for their free electives (see Free Electives policy). Students must meet the following requirements to earn an associate or baccalaureate degree from Villanova University:

  • Earned the minimum number of credit hours of the designated program
  • Successful completion of the Core Curriculum, Major Requirements (if applicable), and Free Electives
  • Achieve a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) for all course work taken at Villanova
  • A minimum of half of the Core Curriculum requirements must be fulfilled at Villanova (AA, AS, BA, and BS only)
  • A minimum of half of the requirements for the major must be fulfilled at Villanova
  • Residence requirement is met (see University policy), at least 30 credits of a BIS degree and 30 credits of an associate degree must be earned at Villanova (See CPS Transfer Credit Policy).
  • Discharge of all financial obligations to Villanova University.

A student’s eligibility for graduation is determined by the Assistant Dean, Academic Programs. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all requirements for graduation are met.