Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center, located on the Main Floor of the Health Services Building, offers psychological counseling, groups, consultation, and referral. Except for emergencies, appointments are required and can be scheduled either by phone 610-519-4050 or by visiting the Center.

Some examples of services are:

  • Personal and Psychological Counseling. Students can discuss personal concerns in a private, confidential setting. Individualcounseling sessions are available, as are counseling groups. All contacts are completely confidential and are not recorded on the student's university records. Doctoral Psychologists help students with issues such as: depression; anxiety; relationship concerns; eating disorders; trauma; self- defeating behaviors; family issues; and other problems.
  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling. Students who are concerned about their use of alcohol or other drugs are encouraged to seek helpfrom our psychologists.
  • Consultation regarding other individuals. Students who are concerned about a family member, friend, or fellow student, may also consult the Counseling Center staff about how best to support that person.
  • Referrals are provided for students who prefer to obtain off-campus counseling, or whose counseling needs exceed the capacityof the Counseling Center.