Center for Access, Success and Achievement (CASA)

The Center for Access, Success and Achievement (CASA) aims to recruit, retain, and graduate underrepresented, first generation, and Pell Eligible students through holistic support in a culturally diverse and academically excellent environment. Our goal is to maintain successful retention by providing students with a sense of belonging in a nurturing environment, opportunities for self-realization and personal development, and holding them accountable for working to the best of their abilities. As a multifaceted center, CASA houses a number of resources that provide access to success. In addition, our office coordinates programing throughout the year to promote self-care, self-actualization, and self-advocacy. To accomplish these goals, we partner with local units, resources, and Villanova departments to provide coordinated care and support.

The Center for Access, Success and Achievement is located in the Learning Commons, Falvey Library, 2nd Fl. Call 610-519-4075 for information.

The main programs are:

Academic Advancement Program (AAP). AAP is an admission and resource program designed especially for highly motivated students who have strong academic credentials and could benefit from additional financial and academic support. The goal of the AAP program is provide an educational opportunity to such students and to facilitate their academic and personal adjustment to college. The pre-college component offers a three-credit freshman English course, math, college writing skills, general sciences classes, and critical thinking workshops. Selection for participation is made through the Admissions Office and is based on students’ high school transcript, SAT/ACT scores, their college essay and family income levels. Students residing in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland are eligible for the AAP program. Anyone interested in this program should call Linda Coleman at 610-519-4074.

A.C.T.I.V.E (Advising, Counseling, Tutoring, and Information to enhance the Villanova Experience). CASA offers comprehensive integrated services to all incoming students. Our goal is to ease first and second year students’ transition into the Villanova University community. In addition to academic tutoring, counseling and course advising, we can also help students select and get involved with a wide array of engaging extracurricular activities. First and second year students, at times, may feel overwhelmed and under prepared when inundated with opportunities and issues on and off campus. When faced alone, these issues may affect their personal and academic life. Adding to those concerns may sometimes include cultural differences, social, political, spiritual, and economic hardships. The Center for Access, Success and Achievement combats these concerns through the services they offer. Anyone seeking information about this program should call 610-519-4075.

St. Thomas of Villanova Scholars Program (STOVS). The STOVS program is a three-week summer program where invited incoming freshmen begin their college career. During STOVS, students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with college level courses, connect with University faculty and administrators, and meet some of their new best friends. STOVS is a residential program and during this summer program, students take a 3-credit, Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS) class, or a 3-credit Economics class (based on major selection and committee recommendation). Through one-on-one meetings, students will begin to identify and work towards their academic, social, and career goals. Students are invited to apply to the STOVS program in early May, after submitting their deposit to attend Villanova University. For more information about the program contact The Center for Access, Success and Achievement at 610-519-4075.