Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

The requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree are:

  • Completion of all core curriculum requirements, academic major course requirements, and elective requirements for the degree with an overall cumulative quality point average (QPA) of not less than 2.00 and a cumulative technical quality point average of not less than 2.00.
  • For transfer students, no more than 60 credits (20 courses) may be transferred into a program including AP, transfer, and study abroad. At least 50% of the business core credit hours required for the BBA degree must be completed at Villanova University.
  • The final 30 credit hours of a student’s academic program must be
  • completed at Villanova (residency requirement). With permission of the Associate Dean, a student may study abroad during the first semester of senior year.
  • Discharge of all financial obligations to Villanova University.

Students are responsible for the degree requirements in effect at the time of their initial enrollment. If they are formally readmitted to VSB, they must meet the requirements of their new graduating class. Transfer students’ degree requirements are determined at time of transfer.

A student’s eligibility for graduation is determined by the Dean. NOTE: it is the personal responsibility of the student to ensure that all requirements for graduation are met.

Students accepted to the Honors Program may earn the Bachelor of Business Administration, Honors degree by successfully completing the following degree requirements:

  1. Complete ten (10) 3 cr. Honors courses plus VSB 2121 (1 cr.). At least four (4) of ten (10) 3 cr.
    • Honors courses must be a VSB Honors course: VSB 1015.
    •  At least one of the following four required VSB courses must be an Honors course.
      • VSB 2004 Financial Accounting
      • VSB 2007 Corporate Responsibility & Regulation
      • VSB 2008 Business Analytics
      • VSB 2009 Principles of Finance
      • VSB 3900 Innovation and Design
      • VSB 4002 Strategic Thinking and Implementation
  2. Complete all major courses, core requirements, and elective requirements, and earn at least of 126 credit hours.
  3. Must achieve a minimum of 3.33 cumulative GPA and meet the minimum required technical GPA requirement.

​​​​Upon successful completion of VSB 2121, students will have an opportunity to serve as a research associate with a VSB professor for up to three years.

In addition to the course requirements, students will be presented with opportunities to engage with faculty, staff, corporate partners and alumni through a range of personal and professional development offerings. The goal is to provide Honors students with opportunities and challenging intellectual engagement across three areas at VSB:

  • VSB Honors Classes
  • Intellectual Engagement (research and other faculty engagement)
  • Targeted Professional Development Opportunities