Augustinians at Villanova

The Augustinian Order is a vibrant presence at Villanova University. Members of the Order serve in many areas of the University including teaching in academic departments, ministering and counseling in Campus Ministry, as well as serving in a number of administrative positions.

Augustinians are also represented in the governance of the University, as President and through membership on the Board. Villanova seeks to play an important role in allowing the voice of Augustine of Hippo (354- 430 A.D.) to continue to speak effectively to today’s world. With this in mind, Villanova established The Augustinian Institute to solidify efforts already undertaken and initiate new projects that flow from this rich Augustinian legacy. This Institute serves the university as an agent and resource to support its efforts to give Augustine’s thought a vibrant and integral place within Villanova’s academic and community life. Beyond the university it reaches out to the wider culture through conferences, publications, fellowships, and other initiatives. The Institute is located in 451 St. Augustine Center.

The Augustinian Historical Institute promotes the research and publication of studies in the history of the Augustinian Order and in the allied fields of theology, philosophy, missiology, and biography. The Institute maintains an exceptional collection of books, manuscripts, reviews and micro copies pertinent to these studies.