Admissions Policies

Admission Deferment Policy

Students who confirmed admission to CPS who now wish to defer their start date to a later semester may apply for an admission deferment.

Requests to defer an offer of admission will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be granted for reasons including illness, military service, or other extenuating circumstances. Supporting documentation must be provided with the application for deferment.

An admission deferment may be granted for a maximum of one year. Deadline for application of deferment is the same date as the drop/add deadline for the current semester.

Failure to meet any of these terms may result in the revocation of admission. In such a case, an applicant will be required to reapply for admission to the University by the appropriate application deadlines.

Readmission Policy

Students are expected to make adequate, timely progress toward completion of their degree or credit-bearing certificate in the College of Professional Studies. Students who have voluntarily withdrawn from the College or have been away from the program without notifying the University for one academic calendar year may submit a petition for re-admission. In addition to submitting a petition, students will need to submit a new application to CPS. Petitions should be addressed to the Dean of the College of Professional Studies. The decision to re-admit students is made by the Dean, in consultation with the Director, Admissions and Enrollment and the Assistant Dean, Academic Programs.

Students may only re-admit one time to the College of Professional Studies.

To have re-admission considered, a former student should submit the following in their petition:

  1. Full name at time of previous enrollment.
  2. Name of previous degree / credit-bearing certificate program and major (if applicable).
  3. Dates of attendance.
  4. Reasons for withdrawal or absence.
  5. Timetable for completion of degree / certificate requirements including expected date of graduation, if re-admitted.
  6. Official transcripts of any universities attended since you left Villanova.
  7. Complete the Declaration of Major Form (only required if applicant has completed 72 or more Villanova credits)

Students who are successfully re-admitted are subject to the rules and degree requirements as specified in the Undergraduate Catalog in effect for the academic year in which they are re-enrolled. This means that students will be required to complete any new courses or other graduation requirements that are currently required. A return to study is not always granted. Prior acceptance to any Villanova program does not guarantee future acceptance to that same or another program regardless of coursework completed or GPA.

The Dean will review the petition, the Assistant Dean's and Director's recommendations and will contact the student with a final decision. All decisions made by the Dean on matters of readmission are final and without right of further appeal.

Exceptions to the conditions of the above policy will be made for service members who have not been able to attend school due to military service.

Per the Academic Standing Policy, found on the Office of the Provost’s Website: “Any student who has not completed a degree within twelve years must complete a degree through CPS. If the degree or major pursued by the full-time student is not offered by CPS, then the former full-time student must choose a degree and/or major offered to part-time students.”