Academic Dismissal

Academic Dismissal


1.  An undergraduate student who has not met the academic standards of a college (as determined by the Academic Standing Committee and Dean of that college) will be dismissed from the college.  The college dean will inform that student of the dismissal as soon as possible. Typically the student will be allowed to appeal that dismissal to the dean of the college.  There is no additional process of appeal beyond the college dean.  In some cases (e.g., when the student has had previous warnings or been on probation), the student may, at the determination of the college, be dismissed without right of appeal.


2. Once a student has been dismissed from the college without right of appeal or once the appeal process has been exhausted, the student may not enroll in additional credit-bearing classes at Villanova, and may not remain in a University Residence Hall.  A student who is dismissed from a college is dismissed from the University effective with the sending of the college dismissal letter.  The college that dismisses the student will send a list of the dismissed students to the Office of the Provost.  The Office of the Provost will compile a list of all students dismissed by the colleges and remove the names of students who are accepted to another Villanova college before sending the list of dismissed students to the Registrar, the Bursar, Residence Life and other appropriate university offices.


3.  A student who has been dismissed from a college is eligible to apply to that college for readmission after two semesters (including the summer) have elapsed.  For example, a student who is dismissed at the end of the fall semester may apply to be admitted for the following fall semester.  The college reviewing the application will include a review of past discipline at Villanova University as well as whether the student has been dismissed by another College within Villanova University. A student who has been dismissed and then returns to the University will be treated as a continuing student, not a transfer student, for purposes of policies regarding courses taken elsewhere; in other words, such a student would not be permitted to transfer courses taken at a two-year institution.


4.  If the student is already enrolled in spring semester courses when the dismissal letter is sent, the student must withdraw from those courses and leave his/her residence hall.  Tuition for the spring semester will be refunded.   Students enrolled in summer courses at the time the final dismissal letter is sent must also withdraw from those courses, with tuition for the summer semester refunded.  If a student has formally applied to another Villanova undergraduate college (see #5 below), a student may remain in classes and residence halls until a final decision is made.


5.  A student who has been dismissed from Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, Engineering, Nursing or the College of Professional Studies may apply at any time (either immediately or at any subsequent date) for admission to another Villanova undergraduate college.  Such a student does not have to go through the University admissions’ process.  The request for readmission will be handled by the college to which the student has applied. The college reviewing the application will include a review of past discipline at Villanova University as well as whether the student has been dismissed by another College within Villanova University.  If the student is accepted in another college immediately (normally within ten business days) after dismissal from the first college, or if the dismissed student is a science student who is accepted into the Arts division of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, s/he may continue to take courses and continue to live in the Residence Halls without interruption.  The college into which the student is accepted must immediately notify the Registrar, the Bursar, and Residence Life that the student has now been accepted into another college.


Approved Council of Deans via Email July 13, 2016; technical edit, September 29, 2022